The University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health is conducting three separate studies in Southwestern Pennsylvania. These studies will focus on the potential health impacts of human exposure to environmental risk factors, such as unconventional natural gas development activities, among others.

The first study will focus on finding out if historical exposure to various environmental risk factors may be linked to childhood cancers in Southwestern Pennsylvania using existing data sources and parent interviews.

The second and third studies will use information already available to find out if exposure to environmental risk factors is related to more severe cases of asthma or to increased occurrence of adverse birth outcomes in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Who We Are

We are researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health who study how exposure to certain environmental factors can hurt the health of people. Pitt Public Health is committed to public health research, teaching, and practice; we focus on real-world challenges facing our communities. Visit About the Team to learn more.

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Childhood Cancer Study Asthma and Birth Outcomes Studies

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